Isabel Alexander is the founder and CEO of The Encore Catalyst, a dynamic platform dedicated to propelling feminine wisdom, entrepreneurship, and economic influence forward.

Embodying the principles of "Doing Good While Doing Well"

Isabel’s metrics for success include lifelong learning, continuous self-improvement, and extending a helping hand to others. She firmly believes that as women achieve and flourish, their positive impact reverberates globally, creating a ripple effect in families, communities, and countries.

Isabel has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work as an innovator, catalyst, and maximizer. Equipped with a high school diploma and farm-girl work ethic, she built an award winning 8-figure business, originating from her dining room, to boardrooms around the world. 

Leveraging her unique ability to cultivate powerful relationships based on mutual trust and respect, she continues to craft her own seat at tables of influence, and redefine the role of women in leadership on every stage, at every age.

Isabel Alexander

Women of Influence Award

Canada’s Top 100 Business Women

Seven-time recipient of Canada's Top 100 Women Business Owners award, a two-time honoree among Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women, and bestowed the title of Woman of International Influence by Global EXEC Women’s International Council, Isabel's impact reverberates across governments, boards of directors, associations, and service projects.

With more than five decades of business acumen, Isabel generously shares her wealth of experience to accelerate others' growth, minimize their learning curve, and amplify the rewards of their journey. Having mentored, coached, and consulted with business leaders globally, Isabel catalyzes multi-million-dollar impacts, influencing legacies, and forging pathways for success.

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Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ


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