Lift As You Climb Workshops and Keynotes may be customized for your industry or group. Learn How to build your own success ladder and empower others to build theirs.

The Lift As You Climb principles demonstrate Isabel Alexander's values that enabled her to build multiple successful businesses and help thousands of other women live richer and more impactful personal and professional lives.

"When your Personal & Professional values and goals are aligned,

you become your own source of

renewable energy, results, and rewards."

Isabel Alexander

As professional women, we are usually trying to balance two very full containers.

One is our Personal Life, filled with relationships, responsibilities, and hopefully, personal passions, personal care, and growth.

The other is our career, our Professional Life, equally overflowing with demands and requirements to show up, step up, and prove your value, constantly.

In this zoom-zoom, hurry-up-and-do-more world, our personal care and self-interests are often allocated the least amount of time, investment, and focus. As a result, we deplete our energy.

If you come home from a day of giving your “ALL” to your career, what is left for YOU?

Do you have the energy to show up as your BEST SELF in your personal life or are you frazzled, drained, and sometimes resentful?

Like the example of the seesaw or teeter-totter, to create results, we must have energy. One side must drop for the other side to push off and rise.

If neither side moves, if the fulcrum is perfectly balanced, no energy is generated, and you are going nowhere!

However, rather than viewing the relationship of the opposing seats on our metaphorical teeter-totter as a Win or Lose situation, let’s consider how we generate energy and success from the propulsion of each of our ‘Life's’ serving the other.

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